Notes what happens with cold storage and handling options

Notes what happens with cold storage and handling options

In the process of operation, cold storage will appear some phenomena, so it is necessary to pay attention to these phenomena and deal with each situation. And to handle it in the best way requires the operator to have solid knowledge and experience, let’s see what phenomena are there.

1. Moisture leakage phenomenon:

The air in cold storage has low temperature. When circulating through the indoor unit, some water is condensed. Therefore, the air vapor pressure difference in the chamber is smaller than that of the outside. Therefore, steam tends to penetrate into the room through the wall of insulation.

– For masonry warehouses, moisture when entering can wet the insulation layer, reducing the insulation properties of the material. Therefore, when building the warehouse, it is necessary to sweep the tar layer and lined with waterproof oil paper. Oil-proof paper needs to be lined with 2 layers, overlapping layers of eyelids and sealing tape, creating a continuous moistureproof film over the entire area of ​​​​the warehouse.

– For warehouses made of insulation panels because the outside and inside the warehouse have a layer of corrugated iron, so there is no possibility of moisture leakage. However, it is necessary to avoid sharp objects that puncture the insulation board, leading to wetting the insulation board. Therefore, in cold storage, people often make wooden pallets to avoid scratching the floor when pushing carts, sharp objects in the process of transporting goods.

– Between the insulation panels when assembled, there are small gaps that need to be sealed with silicone, sealant. Outside the cold storage, people also bury iron columns about 0.8 m high to avoid being bumped and damaging the warehouse shell.

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