Office for rent

Office for rent

The current trend of using shared offices is mentioned a lot in customer services that are small and medium businesses around the world. With this trend, entrepreneurs just need to sit at home to access their laptops and listen to calls from partners and customers at home, greatly reducing travel costs, renting a modern office and flexible hours through the use of shared office and pre-scheduled work.

Only appeared in Vietnam in the past few years, but Co-working models (shared offices or flexible offices) are developing relatively quickly, gradually gaining popularity in the market. .

1. Office space options

Van shared is especially suitable for startups when these businesses have a rapid expansion rate, the size of the office will go hand in hand with the growth rate of the company. Units can save money on renting a fixed office to focus on developing their products. The space you need today is free to expand or contract change according to the size of your business.

2. Professional address

You need to set up a luxurious and modern office in the city center, convenient for dealing with partners?

Small and medium-sized businesses established with small capital want to have a representative office with a fixed address so that partners and customers can easily contact?

The location of an office and the reputation of a business are often thought to be closely related. If you’re looking to expand your company’s reach and increase customer trust, a shared office is a convenient and cost-effective solution. Instead of renting an office in the traditional sense, a shared office will provide a prestigious address for the public. In addition, representative offices located in central areas, in large buildings will bring comfort to partners and customers.

3. Cost saving

Not every business that initially starts a business is also ready to invest a large amount of capital to invest in renting offices and purchasing working equipment. Initial costs will cause headaches for businesses, especially today’s small and medium enterprises. The unstable economy makes rental prices for offices in central areas up to several thousand dollars a month. This is not simple at all if the large fixed costs will affect the growth of the business.

Compared to finding cheap office far from the city center or small office located in run down building. Virtual office becomes the best solution for businesses. Using a virtual office will save on monthly fixed costs that bring flexibility to businesses.

4. Full of utilities

You need a modern, fully equipped office to serve your business: telephone, fax machine, photocopier, Internet connection, website, E-mail address, comfortable meeting room with projector, video conference (video/audio conference)…?

In meetings with important partners and customers that help bring about large contracts, offices and meeting rooms become even more important.

Shared office with full professional direct contact information: remote receptionist, private desk, rented meeting room, reception room. The services intertwine like an independent office for lease with many different service packages. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a virtual office and a rental office, but it is easy if we compare the differences in the long-term benefits.

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