Cold storage

Cold storage

DONG NAI COLD STORAGE LIMITED COMPANY is one of the units that owns a modern food preservation cold storage system with a large area in Dong Nai. We are a partner to provide cold supply chain solutions for many corporations, international businesses, supermarkets, large kitchens in Dong Nai and provinces with large industrial zones.

1. Cold storage for food preservation of Dong Nai cold storage?

Currently, our cold storage system includes a cold chain management center located in Bac Ninh and satellite cold storages that have been developed and developed in provinces with large industrial zones in Dong Nai. Deer

Cold storages are partitioned to ensure storage needs by source of goods such as:

– Cold storage to preserve consumer goods imported by air

– Cold storage for food and industrial processing materials

– Cold storage to preserve food products imported by sea

We are also building and developing an expanded system of cold storage and winter storage with an area of ​​​​more than 1,000m2, meeting an additional 8,000 pallets to store goods.

The company’s cold storage system is subdivided, capable of customizing and adjusting storage conditions depending on foods such as:

– Store frozen food with a temperature range from -22 degrees Celsius to -18 degrees Celsius

– Store deli foods with a temperature range of -5 degrees C to 5 degrees C

– Store and preserve cakes with a temperature range from -5 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius

– Store vegetables and fruits with a temperature range from -2 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius

– Storage of seafood, food preservation, freezing, …

Outstanding advantages of the company’s cold storage system for food preservation?

Our cold stores are built to meet the storage capacity in a separate temperature range from -22 to 22 degrees Celsius, humidity below 50% depending on the type of frozen food items or consumer goods. other standards.

The warehouse system is diversified, located at many locations, close to the production and business facilities of many enterprises, as well as creating many important “nodes” in the distribution of cold goods throughout the supply chain.

The company’s cold storage of food:

– There is a strictly controlled process of goods exploitation, each type of goods is classified and exploited in suitable areas so as not to affect the quality of storage.

– Temperature and humidity are always controlled by the system 24/7, with staff periodically checking to ensure optimal storage conditions.

– Manage import and export of goods accurately with an optimized software system.

In particular, we are very flexible in choosing food storage services. The unit can rent short-term, long-term or lease according to the separate requirements of each organization.

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