About us

About us

Dong Nai Cold Storage Co., Ltd. is pleased to greet you. First of all, the company would like to send greetings, wishes for health and deep thanks to all customers and partners who have cared and supported and cooperated with us during the past time.


In the field of industrial refrigeration, especially refrigeration systems for seafood & food processing plants, Dong Nai Cold Storage is being evaluated as a unit capable of implementing large projects, from planning , consulting, designing, supplying equipment and constructing a package of works.

A well-organized after-sales service is also an important factor in determining the longevity of the building.

Hundreds of projects, refrigeration systems designed, manufactured and installed by the company have operated safely and reliably for many years. In particular, we are proud to be a pioneer in researching and manufacturing new generation equipment for the seafood processing industry….

Dong Nai Cold Storage specializes in the field of

  • Cool/frozen goods preservation service through modern management system
  • Packing goods / repacking
  • Renting office

Contact us

Dong Nai Cold Storage Co., Ltd

  • Hotline: 0908080321 (Ms.Trinh-Phòng Vận hành) – 0901494666 (Mr.Phụng-Phòng Kinh doanh)
  • Email: sales@ajtotalvn.com – phunglm@ajtotalvn.com
  • Address: Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Park, Long Tho Ward, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province
  • Website: dongnaicold.com
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