Distributing service support

Distributing service support

In the product preservation environment in cold storage, Distribution Service is an essential need for customers. To meet that demand, the distribution activities of DongNai Cold are deployed according to the requirements of customers, suitable for their own needs and purposes with strict control on process, temperature and product quality. .

1. Ensure Flexibility in Distribution.

– Professional distribution team. Handle situations and notify customers of quick handling options.
– Ensuring the quality of goods when importing and exporting goods, meeting food safety and hygiene standards.
– Packing goods, counting, classifying goods to avoid being lost and ensuring products are intact when arriving to customers.
– Modern means of loading and unloading and moving goods with technology, using QR code scanners to meet the needs of fast and accurate distribution of goods.
– Vacuum service of products that need to be preserved and avoid damage to customers.


Code scan

Packing products according to customer requirements

2. Convenient traffic location also brings benefits to customers using the warehouse’s distribution service:

– Security area because it is located in Nhon Trach VI industrial park, with 24/24h security.
– Near Long Thanh highway adjacent to the city. Ho Chi Minh City, saving time, fuel and transportation costs.
– Near the main road of National Highway 51, passing through provinces, cities and other large industrial zones in the South such as: Hiep Phuoc industrial park, Cat Lai 2 industrial park, … and many large ports here.
– Large road area and large warehouse convenient for loading and unloading and transporting goods, container trucks can enter and exit conveniently.

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